Monday, February 28, 2011

Seabrook, Reimer and all the other big stories around the NHL

A lot of people are questioning the signing of Seabrook to a five year deal with a 5.8 million dollar cap hit, claiming they overpaid on him. The problem with this is that, the Hawks simply had no choice, their are too many bad contracts on the back end, which provided his agent with an extremely high baseline. His teammate Campbell is making over 7, Bowmeester is making over 6, heck if Komisarek is worth 4.5 mil, Seabrook at his price is an absolute steal. Also, after being selected to the Olympic team, his value went sky high. With all of their high priced forwards locked up, this was a move the Blackhawks simply needed to do. (Look for Brouwer to get traded this summer for a nice package of prospects). 

If it was not apparent how important James Reimer is to the success of the Maple Leafs, it is blatantly obvious after the meltdown in the third period against the Thrashers on Sunday. I am not ready to blame it on Giguere as he had absolutely zero support from his teammates. I think the Leafs are just not as trusting in Giggy, (not that I would be) and do not play as well when they are feel they need to be more conscience defensively. Let's remember this is a young team and confidence is a big part of their game. As a Leafs fan cross your fingers that Optimus Reim is healthy enough very soon!! On a side note, Lupul has been bringing the best out in Phil Kessel, I don't think we have ever seen Kessel work this hard all season..... let's just hope it will not be the same pattern. Seven game goal streak followed by a fourteen game drought if you know what I mean. 

The Boston Bruins look scary good these days. Did you see their dismantling of the Canucks in Rogers Arena? Peverley and Kelly have made them a very deep team and Kaberle is fitting in beautifully on the back end. Barring injury I just do not see anyone in the East beating this team come playoff time. 

Chris Phillips resigns with the Ottawa Senators....... finally!! Did anyone think he was going to move? This guy has been in the organization for 15 years and along with Alfredsson has been the heart and soul of that team. Him getting traded is almost like Shane Doan ever leaving the Coyotes, could you actually see that happening? The former first overall pick exemplifies loyalty to a city and an organization matched by few in this growing age of selfish professional sports.

Terry Pegula tried to make a statement yesterday, in his first week as the new owner of the Sabres as he acquired Brad Boyes for a second round pick. This trade is a lot more of an addition by subtraction by the Blues as they were able to dump a four million dollar contract of a player that went from a future star to an absolutely horrible player in like record speed. The only player that fell from glory faster in the last decade has been Cheechoo (albeit not even a comparable example) but hopefully Boyes (for his own sake, and not the Leafs) is able to get his game back on track, with the added ice time for the Sabres. 

It is the trade deadline today and it seems that all of the big moves may have already happened, but do not forget to check back in tomorrow, with all of the analysis. 

Hope you enjoyed!!


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