Friday, February 18, 2011

With this Kaberle saga fully underway again, who to pick up, hoping they get more valuable at the deadline.

From Darren Dreger reporting Kaberle to the Bruins for a first rounder and Wheeler is a "done deal" at 11:25 this morning, to CSN New England reporting that he is getting traded for two Bruins prospects, it seems that everyone has an uninformed inside source. While Kaberle will probably end up being traded, Burke has made it quite clear that he will not be held hostage and exclusively deal with the Bruins. (I actually think that you will see him end up in San Jose). While Leafs fans may be wary, in dealing a key player on the team, being only six points out of the playoffs, it is important to remember that the goal should always be to win the Stanley Cup and making the playoffs is a mediocre result. Kaberle's returns can actually help us get there in the future.

On this topic, with the frenzy starting to begin, (Ottawa has already traded every depth forward they have) lets see who may still be traded, causing a bump in their fantasy value.

Ty Conklin- His spike in production is twofold. Firstly Halak is injured indefinitely, so Conklin will most likely see the majority of the games while he is sidelined. But Conklin's potential value can be much higher. A team like the Red Wings, that have shaky goaltending, with Howard in a little bit of a slump and Osgood not being healthy, could be interested in a player that had some success in their system. So between the trade option and Halak's injury potentially being more serious, I would say the time is to grab him, especially because he will not cost you to much.

Devin Setoguchi- He is the Sharks ticket to acquiring another top flight defenceman. What team would not want a player that when given the oppurtunity in his sophomore season scored over 30 goals and 65 points. The future is bright for this 23 year old former first round pick, just not with all that depth at forward in the Shark Tank. If he gets traded and plays top six minutes, he can add that big splash to your fantasy team and hopefully put you over the top.

Nikolay Zherdev- As I have done in some of my other posts, I will add a disclaimer to my statements. If your league places any emphasis on PIM, or does not have a strong emphasis on goals, do not have any interest in this uber-talented Russian. His days in Philly are over. The proof is written on the wall, Ville Leino got hurt, and they put in Jody Shelley and left Zherdev a healthy scratch. If that is not a sign, that it is over, I dont know what is. Nevertheless, if he was placed in a system that is not so defensively oriented and responsible, he can return to becoming the offensive star that he showed himself to be as a Ranger in recent years. Keep him, but stash him on the bench until we see more info on his future. ( Btw, how deep do the parallels between him and Filatov go? Hmm...........)

J.S. Giguere- This post is obviously contingent on his health returning, and doing so fast. The thing that makes Giguere most intriguing is that I can only imagine top notch teams like Detroit, or Washington taking a chance. These are teams that aside from goaltending are legitimate Stanley Cup contenders, and may take a risk on Giguere with an expiring contract, because of his remarkable post-season credentials. Do you remember how he destroyed the Red Wings! Wow, where did that talent go! Take the risk, at this point he should not cost you much in your pool.

Zdeno Chara- What, you think he is getting traded?!?! No. However he may have Thomas Kaberle as a power play quarterback. Do you remember the numbers that McCabe put up with Kaberle on the backend? Well I have news for you. Chara has the hardest shot in NHL history, if someone can slap in a Kaberle one time pass (I think all Leafs fans know what I am talking about, you know when you actually think Kaberle will shoot and than he passes? Ya that's what I was referencing) it is Chara. In general after a slow start Chara has been playing significantly better offensively, but with Kaberle manning the point with him, we may see unprecedented offensive totals from the giant Slovak.

Well those are a few players that may see a rise in fantasy value over the next couple of weeks, now it is up to you to make the move first! Hope you enjoyed!

Update: Well Kaberle has been traded to the Bruins, this means two things. 1- My theory that he will end up in San Jose were wrong. 2- Chara is in for a field day.

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  1. does anyone know when the last time the leafs won the cup? how many teams were in the league?